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Favorite Friday

As part of my effort to add consistency and focus to this blog, I’ve decided to implement what’s known in the publishing world as “departments” (hey, I want to show off some of the knowledge I gained working at a magazine, and I don’t get the opportunity often, ok?)

The first of these departments that I’m going to try is “Favorite Friday,” a weekly column featuring the parts of the blogosphere that I think are noteworthy. I’ll introduce my favorite blogs in introductory write ups, and then provide periodic updates to remind you how awesome those blogs really are.

For the inaugural edition of Favorite Friday, I’d like to introduce you to what is possibly my favorite blog ever.

Heir to Blair

Heir to Blair

I found this blog when I was cruising “The Bump” message boards during my pregnancy. I was struck by this woman’s writing style, sense of humor, and her openness in discussing the realities of pregnancy and life in general (especially when discussing matters that are unpleasant or unpopular). Plus, she’s about my age, she’s Southern, and she was at about the same stage of pregnancy as I was. Oh, and did I mention that she really likes gin? That’s a lot of thumbs up in my book.

Oh, and sometimes, she writes. Like. This. Orlikethis. I love the creative use of punctuation (or lack of punctuation) for emphasis and phrasing. I like to call it “typing like you’re talking.” But it looks dumb when I do it, so I probably won’t. I’ll just keep using an over-abundance of commas, thanks very much.

I also really like that her house is not an immaculate showplace and she doesn’t dress like she’s going to be on a morning talk show. None of that “I got up, showered, did my hair and makeup, baked cookies for orphans, saved a toddler from a well, made a table runner, home-schooled my 6 year old, and made a dinner worthy of a five star restaurant.” I hate those people (I secretly want to be one, but since I’m not, I hate them). No, Blair almost killed her husband with a dinner of raw turkey meat and almost killed her whole family by putting a metal spoon in the microwave.

And the best…when you realize that you have acquired an entirely new perspective as the result of becoming a parent. I’m not talking about all the sweet, sappy, profound realizations. She does do that, too, on occasion, which are always wonderful to read…like this one, with a beautiful poem about how babies don’t keep, which gets me teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Wait, back to my point.

I’m talking about the every day moments that make you more aware of how this little person has changed how you think about every single thing in your life. Observe:

Blair: “It’s yellow. I’m not sure how it will look, but I can return it if I hate it.”

Nate: “I like yellow on you.”

Blair: “It’s bright yellow. Like…baby toy yellow.”

(Excerpt from “Our house overflows with primary colors“)

Her husband knew exactly what color she was talking about…and I’m sure many of her readers did, too. My husband and I had a similar moment once when using the variations of shades of our daughter’s poo to describe a paint color, but I will spare you the particular imagery associated with that discussion.

Anyway, I have continued to follow her for about 6 or 8 months, and she’s one of my blogging heroes. So, I highly recommend checking her out when you get some time. And read the archives…some funny stuff is buried in there, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. So check her out, I command you :)

**I yoinked the photo and some text from theheirtoblair.com without permission, so if the blog owner sees this and wants anything removed, just let me know**