Word of the Day – Mod Podge

Word of the Day

Mod Podge┬« – Elmer’s white glue for grown ups…can be used as an adhesive, sealer, and finish

Mod Podge

While working on yesterday’s post about the file cabinet makeover tutorials, I noticed that the website Mod Podge Rocks spelled the product name “Mod Podge.” I wondered if they weren’t calling the product by that name to avoid copyright issues. Then I noticed other blogs spelling it the same way, and I wondered why this was such a common typo.

And then it hit me. The real product name is “Mod Podge.”

It’s not “Modge Podge.”

It was like when someone first told me that Pluto was no longer a planet. You’re all “Nuh-uh…for real? There is NO WAY they would demote a planet. Really?!”

Anyway, it was a shock. It stopped me in my tracks. I’ve been calling it “Modge Podge” forever. I’ve said that phrase to at least 20-50 people in my lifetime, and no one has ever corrected me. Did they know? Were they inside-laughing at me? I was sitting there talking about “Modge Podging” a project like I was an expert crafter or something. What if they thought I was a fake, and full of it, and thought to themselves “She doesn’t even know the name of the product…I’ll bet she didn’t even make that picture frame!”

Stunned…stunned I tell you. Shook my whole world.

So, now that I know what the stuff is called, it’s going to be hard to remember to call it by the right name, and I’m always going to be wondering if I spelled it correctly. That’s why its the word of the day…so I can practice typing it and saying it to myself. And so I can get out all of these insecurities I have about my crafting prowess, so that I can let them go and move on.

While discussing this with the dear hubby, Kyla Brown, he brought up another good point.

Kyla: Didn’t you notice the psychedelic logo?

Me: Well, yes, but…I just thought they hadn’t updated their logo in a long time.

This made me wonder how they really did get the name, and why they had that trippy logo and label. So, here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth (the Plaid website):

History of Mod Podge
The inventor of Mod Podge, Jan Wetstone, first developed Mod Podge in the 1960s in her garage. The name of this now-famous mixture came from the term “Modern Decoupage.” She tested it on all kinds of surfaces; she even decoupaged a Volkswagen Beetle using bed sheets!

I love Mod Podge (I remembered to say it right!), and have found tons of ways to use it in my craft and home makeover projects. I did some great picture frames for Christmas gifts (which I hope to post on here at some point) that only cost me about $2.50 a piece in materials, and took about an hour to make. I’ve also used Mod Podge (did it again!) to adhere a photograph to a golf club driver head cover, and I even used it to seal it so that it wouldn’t matter if it was raining on the golf course (I might post this one day, if I make another one). My favorite, though, was when I used it to cover the top of an ugly dresser with this really pretty scrapbook paper. Painting the top would have been a big hassle because it was old laminate, so I just covered it with paper and Mod Podge (and again…I can do this!), and it turned out beautifully. This post is already in the works, so stay tuned to see what I’m talking about.

So, yeah, in summation…MOD Podge, not MODGE Podge. And my world will never be the same.

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