I Want That – The Bella Cottage

The Bella Cottage - Pair of Gold Frames Boy and Girl Prints

I’m not really a “pink and white” type of person, and I generally don’t care anything about frilly, regal-looking decor. But when I found The Bella Cottage while looking for inspiration for my little girls’ “shabby chic” nursery, I had to admit that some of the items they have are absolutely gorgeous. Even though a lot of this stuff is way too formal for my house, I can’t help but admire it. I love looking at beautiful things, so I just had to share.

My grandmother used to have these same prints (above) in the formal living room of her house, and seeing them totally makes me think of her. That woman seriously has some of the most awesome, beautiful, classy furnishings one could imagine. She is the epitome of a “lady.” Sucks that I missed those genes.

Soft Grey Mirrored Back Vintage Vitrine
Not that I am ever going to have this kind of money to spend on a single piece of furniture that’s sole use is to display things, but good Lord, that is beautiful.
The Bella Cottage - Soft Grey Mirrored Back Vintage Vitrine

Lovely White Shabby French Crown Tape Dispenser
Just in case you were worried that your office supplies might not fit into your cottage-themed office, worry no more. They actually have a “shabby chic” tape dispenser. There are other office supplies, too…like a stapler!
The Bella Cottage - Lovely White Shabby French Crown Tape Dispenser

Lara Silk Bright Pink Rose Dress
This little dress is so adorable, and look at the embroidery. This would be gorgeous for a super special occasion. Not that I ever have super special occasions…but it’s still pretty.
The Bella Cottage - Lara Silk Bright Pink Rose Dress

Pink Princess Pedal Car
You cannot tell me that you don’t think this is precious. I would totally drive it (if it came in my size).
The Bella Cottage - Pink Princess Pedal Car

Antique Off White German Sideboard Cupboard
I don’t even know what to say about this, other than “I want it.” Seriously, how pretty would that look in a small hallway, not unlike the one I have in my house?
The Bella Cottage - Antique Off White German Sideboard Cupboard

No joke, this site has some beautiful, vintage, one-of-a-kind items that will make you swoon. And I’m sure you could get great ideas for some cottage-inspired, shabby chic type furniture makeovers and craft projects while you’re there.

**I yoinked the images from The Bella Cottage without permission, so if the owner sees this and wants anything removed, just let me know**

I Want That