More Cuteness Than I Can Handle

Everyday I look at my girls and see new, adorable things about them. It might be a look, a feature, a quirky gesture. Sadie says things that make me break out into a fit of giggles, and Ruby’s smiles just about kill me. I’m so proud of both of them, and so endlessly amused with their sweet little girl antics.

But the cutest thing in the entire world? A peaceful, sleeping little girl in a funny position.

Sadie has had a cold for a few days now, and is just getting over it. Generally, she doesn’t take naps, but on Monday, it was obvious that she would not make it through the day without either taking a nap or becoming a tiny, fair-haired little Satan by five o’clock. Thankfully, a nap was had. About twenty minutes after putting her in her room with her book, a few toys, and her water, I re-entered the room to find her passed out in the recliner. We keep this recliner in the girls’ room for rocking and baby/little girl holding, but since Sadie has learned to climb up into the seat, it is also one of her favorite places to sit. So, there she was, snoring like an old man, with her head in the seat of the recliner and her butt and legs draped across the arms. She clutched her sippy cup with both hands, and her little face was nestled into the crook of her arm. She looked so content, but I just could not wrap my brain around how that position could be anything but horribly uncomfortable. It was one of the most precious scenes I have ever witnessed, and it gave her Daddy and me quite the chuckle.

And Ruby…it’s hard for a three-month-old not to look adorable while sleeping, but she goes above and beyond the expected cuteness level required for her age. I’m sure part of it is that she’s so chunky. When she lays on her side, her fat little cheeks are so heavy that their weight smooshes her whole face downwards. She kind of reminds me of those super slow motion videos of someone getting punched in the face…but way cuter. Her mouth is open, but since it’s smooshed, it almost looks like it’s opening down her face instead of across it. The absolute most adorable thing that she does when she’s sleeping is when she dreams about eating. She just lays there going to town on some imaginary milk bag, smiling occasionally and even throwing up a hand now and then as if she’s trying to grab it to keep it from getting away. At some point, when she’s apparently full of her dream milk, she’ll grunt a time or two and then relax into a sweet, deep baby sleep.

The naps are getting fewer and farther between as they get older, and I know that one day in the not-so-distant future, they’ll be staying up late in their own rooms with their doors slammed shut and “No Parents Allowed” signs plastered over the entries to their bitter, angst-ridden, teenage domains. The opportunities to see my gorgeous girls’ sweet, tiny little faces as they lose the epic battle with the Sandman will only get more and more scarce. So I try to take advantage of the sleeping baby cuteness as much as possible, while I still can.