Rocky Start

The end of last week was very busy for us, and the beginning of this week has been about the same. Partially because of being so busy, I’ve struggled a little on my goals.

Here’s where I am on last week’s goals:

1. Home: Shine Sink
Kept it shiny almost the entire week. Struggled a little the first few days of this week, but still doing pretty well.

2. Finances: Money envelopes & budget
I made my money envelopes and have been working off a cash budget, but still working on getting the whole budget figured out. I’m still hoping to write more about how that’s going, but we’ll see what happens.

3. Work: Work time tracker
This is going pretty well. I’m trying out Toggl & have kept up with it much better than I have in the past when I tried to be really diligent about my time tracking. The hardest part so far as been remembering to stop the tracker when I’m done with something…several times, I’ve gotten distracted and left it going for hours and had to go back and estimate how much time I really spent. Thankfully, I’ve paid attention pretty well, so I was able to make pretty close estimates.

4. Family: Read to the girls every night
I missed a couple of nights over the weekend, but I’m happy to day that I’ve kept up with this pretty well.

5. Community: Work on neighborhood website
I didn’t get to this until the end of last week, and I’m still working on fixing a few bugs and making updates here and there.

6. Personal: Start blogging again
A few posts last week, so not too bad. I was so busy a few days that I just had a hard time finding the chance to do it.

So, goals for this week:

1. Home:
* Keep Shining Sink
* Make my own laundry and dishwasher detergents
2. Finances:
* Keep up with the money envelopes & finish full monthly budget
* Get a plan in place for most pressing budget items
3. Work:
* Keep up with time tracker
* Find an invoicing/accounting system that will work for me
4. Family:
* Keep reading to the girls every night
* Sit down to dinner at least 4 nights per week, at the dining room table
5. Community:
* Continue working on neighborhood website
* Plan out how many hours per week I can spend on neighborhood work and track that time
6. Personal:
* Keep blogging
* Tweeze eye brows

Tomorrow I am carving out some blogging time and relaxing time just for me (at least that’s the plan). Cross your fingers for me ;)