Tutorial Tuesday – File Cabinet Makeover

Tutorial Tuesday

I love alliteration, don’t you? Introducing “Tutorial Tuesday.”

Continuing my love of literary organization, I’d like to present Tutorial Tuesday. Every Tuesday I’ll post one of my own tutorials, or a link to a great tutorial I’ve found online that I am DYING to try.

Since I don’t have any of my own tutorials ready (aka – I don’t have photos, and a tutorial seems almost useless to me without photos), we’re going to start off by featuring a project that I cannot wait to do myself. I’ve seen it in several places, and everyone’s finished products look awesome.

File Cabinet Fix Up
So everyone has file cabinets somewhere in their house. And they’re really ugly. I mean, they’re utilitarian. They do their job. But they don’t look pretty while doing it. Or do they?

Mod Podge Rocks - Refurbished Organization

(Edited to add that the above image is actually from Design*Sponge reader Abha’s file cabinet makeover. Sorry for the oversight!)

People use many different materials to cover the cabinet, including wallpaper, wrapping paper and fabric. If you’re going to use wrapping paper, I would recommend following the tutorial by Mod Podge Rocks. If you’re going to use wallpaper, I’d follow the tutorial by Design*Sponge. I will (hopefully) try at least one of these out for myself soon. Once I get to try it out, I’ll post a before and after of my own hints, tips, and failings.

Here are some awesome file cabinet makeovers from a few crafty bloggy ladies:

This one (below) at I Do All My Own Stunts, like the Mod Podge Rocks version, is done in wrapping paper. Cute!

I Do All My Own Stunts - Jazzy filing cabinet

And this one from Groovin With the Grizas, is done in fabric. She also included some supply tips…awesome.

Groovin With the Grizas - Mod Podge Filing Cabinet

And another! This is from the super awesome blog Design*Sponge. This one uses wallpaper samples, and looks oh-so-classy. I think it’s because of the new hardware (great idea!).

Design*Sponge - DIY Project: Casey's Wallpaper File Cabinet

One more…and this one strays away from the pack. Instead of covering the front with one solid sheet of something, Craft:Nosis has covered the top and sides in a collage of Hawaiian themed postcards and graphics.

Craft:Nosis - I'll File Away

**As usual, I yoinked the photos and some text from Mod Podge Rocks, I Do All My Own Stunts, Groovin With the Grizas, Design*Sponge and Craft:Nosis without permission, so if anyone of those blog owners sees this and wants anything removed, just let me know**