What’s On My Mind Today – Joe Wilson, where are your manners?!

South Carolina Flag

Dear Congressman Wilson,

As a proud South Carolina native, I just want to know…

Why are you going around acting like you ain’t got no Mama?!

Regardless of how you feel about what the President said, or how you feel about him, that behavior is totally uncalled for. Where are your manners? I’m sure your Mama taught you better than that!

Now listen…those of us that live in South Carolina expect a certain amount of eccentricity from our government officials. That’s how we like it. We want them to get together over sweet tea and whiskey and talk about seceding from the union every summer…we want them to bring farm animals into the State House…we want them to stand up for their beliefs and make themselves heard, even if their opinion isn’t popular with the rest of the country or the rest of their party.

However, we also want them to say “yes ma’am,” “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me” like those are the only words they know. We expect them to hold the door, pass the biscuits, and immediately offer drinks to any company that may stop by. I’m sure your Mama taught you to show respect for people who are speaking by refraining from interrupting them with inappropriate outbursts. Would you have done that if your Mama was sitting beside you?

So, please, Congressman Wilson (and all of South Carolina’s other public representatives), if you’ve gotta act like a fool, please at least be a polite, well-mannered fool.

Thank you kindly for your time,

A Richland County voter