What a Crazy Week

So this week has been really odd. First, I get Finalist and then Honorable Mention in the Anti-Valentines craft contest (People’s Choice voting is on until Tuesday, so please go vote for me if you haven’t already!), and then, today I get more neat news.

I got an email from someone at Ready-Made Magazine that they are going to print something I sent them in the Letters to the Editor section in an upcoming issue. I’m sure its not the next issue, since I’m sure that’s already gone to print, but maybe the one after that? I’ll let everyone know when its in there, in case you want to go check it out. The weird thing is that the email I wrote was a submission for the Home Fixes section of the magazine, so I’m not really sure why they want to print it for the Letters to the Editor section.

Oh right, I just looked at the email I sent them…I started it off by saying that I thought the Home Fixes section alone was totally worth the price of my subscription. I bet that’s why.

[EDIT] – I JUST read that the entire Ready-Made staff–the founders, creative team, everyone–have been let go, and the mag is now being published entirely by the Meredith Media team in Iowa. Seriously, they fired the FOUNDERS of the magazine? How effed up is that? I was really excited about this, and so excited to have a subscription to the magazine, but now I’m wondering if I’m in for a huge disappointment. How can a big corporate team possibly make this mag as good as it has been in the past? I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. My thoughts and prayers go out to the staff, and I hope to see other projects from them in the future. You can check out the info I found on the subject at the following links:
Not Martha
Meredith Dumps Ready-Made Creative Team

On another note, I went yesterday to visit my grandmother in the hospital. She had a heart attack on Tuesday, but she is doing very well, especially considering her age. She may be able to go home today. I was able to spend a good bit of the day with her, and I brought along my crochet stuff, just in case she was napping a lot. She was so excited that I brought it, and told me that she and her mother crocheted. I’m just learning, and really am just practicing the stitches at this point. Well, she picked it up, and started showing me other stitches! She hasn’t touched it in 20 or 30 years, and she just picked it up like she was doing it yesterday. It was so neat! Now I’ve decided that I really have to keep practicing, and get on this, because I think it would be so neat to be able to show her something that I’ve made. It was a great visit :)

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